Can you believe that this minivan is already capable to produce 1,029 Horsepower and it’s obviously that this ‘’ thing’’ has nearly twice the power output of a Gallardo! Believe it or not ,that’s the truth!This 2014 Honda known as Odyssey’s J30 V6 can totally produce 1029hp.The 3.5.liter is re-built utilizing aftermarket pistons & rods inside a sleeved block, custom cams & full standalone engine management.It looks like this car is packed with all the goodies and yes it a 6 speed manual conversion,a huge turbocharger and AirRide suspension as well!
We do mention a word right above ‘’huge turbocharger’’ so we think youre curious know to listen the sound which comes from this car!
Furthermore we suggest to watch the video ,also feel free to share with us your opinion

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