Badd GT Series from The Dead Ahead on Vimeo.

These twin Turbo Ford GT’s are the fastest street cars in the world! And if you afford it you own it
There are many ways to measure the fastest street cars such as running 283 miles/hr in a standing mile is for sure one of them. As you may know the Badd GT is a world record holder & since it is street legal is definitely the fastest street car in the world.So the good news is that speed addicts can totally own one Badd GT because six are being constructed and then they will be available for sale thanks to Performance Power Racing. Unfortunately we cannot tell anything yet about the price but lets hope its not some extra millions plus.
Furthermore we suggest to watch the video,also feel free to share with us your opinion

Worlds Fastest Street Car @ 283mph – PPR Standing Mile Guinness World Record from Stage 3 Imports on Vimeo.


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