Now we know why the new 2014 Stingray stands proudly with the latest version of M3 ,that now is called BMW M4
But which one is the best ? Lets see what Christopher Nelson (road test editor for the magazine) & Jake Holmes ( associate web editor) have to say about these two powerful cars.While they’re putting them through the paces on the track Holmens mention: Yes, we’re going to compare (a Corvette) to a BMW M4 ” he says “That’s because you no longer have to make excuses for this car. It’s fully fleshed out, well executed, well rounded, and finally ready to hang with the best from Germany.” Also Nelson agrees that the Corvette is an amazing sport car
Despite the fact that they have their attitude for both of cars ,they’re really impressed with them
“I concede out here on a track that the M4 is a better balanced, more precise tool for carving up a race track,” Holmes says, “but that’s not necessarily all that a sports car is. You want it to be fun, you don’t want it to be too good for you. And that’s why the Corvette is great because although it’s well balanced and a great handling car, it’s still sort of at the ragged edge where you feel like you really have to work to go faster.”
“Here’s the incredible thing – we can compare the Corvette to BMW’s best sports car with a straight face.” Says Nelson
We do think that the German production is a very impressive car but the Corvette is undefended and the quality of this car can be seen form far ,that’s why its obviously that Stingray is the machine of the year!
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