A blast from the past! Picking up a new McLaren F1.

This video put some chills in me everytime I see it. I have not lived in the times that the F1 was created, but this video is so old and contains so much emotions, that it gets me involved in the video immediately. The F1 is one of the best performance cars of all time, and there’s no need to say that as everybody knows it. This car contains so little technology and yet so much raw power, that it has broken every speed record at that time, and even today it is considered as a menace for every supercar or hypercar, that goes in production today.

Only 106 ever built, such a small number that makes those lucky individuals extremely lucky. This video of the couple taking delivery of their new McLaren F1, has everything you could possibly ask for from an old movie. Crappy quality, unstable camera, awkward zooming and so much more. Back in the days there we’re no Facebook pages where you could read all the details of the car, and YouTube wasn’t there either. That’s why in the video, you will see the guy asking a ton of questions about the car and about the options it has. His wife is very excited also to say the least. Watch the video, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

new McLaren F1