A crazy night of street races in Australia, R34 GT-R busted by cops.

This is probably one of the most exciting videos on you tube regarding Skylines and GT-R’s. The R34 might be a Unicorn in your country and in mine, but that’s probably because Australians have bought them all, and man do they have a passion to build them.

The R32, R34 an the R35 are all 1000+ horses, and running on so much boost that it could probably rocket you to the moon in a second. Australia is truly a paradise when it comes to Skylines, but just like other countries, Australia does have its police force, and police and street racers don’t mix up that well. A police patrol managed to “bust” the R34, but it was set free after a smooth talk. Watch the whole video as every second has it’s dose of adrenaline, and it makes you look like you’re there with the guys enjoying the crazy ride.

R34 GT-R busted