LMR factory is always up to something good!
And this time we watched their LMR800 twin turbo C7 Corvette in a clean and nice pass down the quarter mile with a 10.2 at 140mph.One thing we’re pretty sure is that the car is putting 831horsepower to the wheels, and the other thing we don’t know yet is if the car is working with a nitrous system or is just about turbos. Even though its LMR800 package is capable to produce some serious hp.We also must add that 10.2 seconds is an incredible quarter-mile speed.Anyways,this is a street car and that the gearing maybe will help it out in the track but not around the city.There’s a reason why the 7-speed comes factory with a 3.42 gear set.
We suggest to check out the LMR website if anyone is interested for their twin-turbo kits.
Furthermore watch the video,also feel free to share with us your opinion

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