If you have ever wondered for a fast ride in the desert with a Dodge Challenger than you’re not the only one!Joey Ruiter is the only man behind this concept and he puts this pure muscle where no challenger has gone before.This beast called Challenger A/T Untamed concept appears to be equipped with big tires smoking in the dirt.According to Autoblog the modifications are more for an off-road race truck.While this scene only exists in renders we can notice the body armor,skid plates,the set with the off-road tires and the long-travel suspension.Also this animation shows an LED light bar mounted in the lower front fascia along with a typical classic Shaker hood and of course fender flares.J.Ruiter claims another version of this car,using souped-up V6 to keep the weight down.Also he says he “wanted the passion given to the Hellcat to be pushed into other areas” and so he pushed the Challenger to places it’s never been before but we will wait and see until this whole project gets built.
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