Did you missed the 70’Dodge Challenger form the Movie ‘’Vanishing Point’’ ?
Well,it’s time to reveal some details on the 1970 Dodge Challenger that part of this popular movie.Of course the 70’ model had an incredible attractive exterior with a deeply recessed grill behind dual headlights while the R/T version came with a power bulge hood fitted with hood pins which made the engine appear larger.From the movie you can notice that bright white color but under this beautiful coat was an even more impressive thing,the engine.This car was the 1st on the high-performance group ,440cci Magnum with 4 bbl and a 4-speed manual transmission that containded a pistol-drip shifter.As a matter of fact,five Challengers were used in the famous ‘’Vanishing Point’’ in which four were 440 R/T models and one was a 383 R/T.From this we all understand the importance of this pure American muscle but including it in a movie made it even more special and proved the indisputable performance ,also the striking exterior design
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