If you want a race car and a street car in the same time,well this 1970 Camaro is all you need!This 70’ Camaro is the most badass car that we’ve seen at the 2014 Sema show.But what really makes this car a crazy looking Camaro?of course the huge steamroller rubber on the corners,a roof scoop to get air into the cockpit,heat extractors on the hood,massively flared fenders front and back and vents on the front fenders to allow high pressure air to escape and keep the car stable at speed.
The interior has lots of race car bits on it .Luxury is also inevitable.From the photos down below you will see fantastic CNC machine brackets and pieces that adorn the space,tiny RacePak dash,NASCAR style containment net and all the other good stuffs you’re looking at one the craziest SEMA’s participant.
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