Unbelievable!This brave mechanic is already making a 800 bhp V12 engine,using two 1JZ-GTE 2.5-litre Supra engines.This is what he’s doing to make this project real ,he’s chopped off the bottom of two 2.5L 1JZ-GTE Supra straight-sixes & joined them together at a 120 degree V angle creating a real V12.It sports a bespoke crankshaft, and a modified fabricated oil pan.Just so you know,Toyota does already have a V-12 engine in its history in the form of the 5.0-litre
GZ, but it’s worth to mention the fact that this guy has taken it upon himself to create his own.This amazing project is not finished yet but we do think it should be epic!The goal is to turbocharge it with a target output of 800bhp. Furthermore we suggest to watch the video, also feel free to share with us your opinion

g0derKu - Imgur





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