Hellcat was last year and currently is an internet trend! Last year Google reported that 10% of all automotive searches were “dodge hellcat”. There’s no doubt that these vehicles are amazing, crazy, and beautiful. Dodge’s way on selling the new Hellcat engine seems to be a very good idea! If you want a weekend car, take the Challenger, but if you need a car to drive everyday, there’s no problem, the Charger is the perfect daily fast car for everyone! So, this is a bit weird because it seems so crazy to drive a 707 hp daily driver, but, that’s not a problem for the Hellcat which lets you choose between full performanc: 707hp, and “low” performance: 500hp. You can also choose by yourself the suspensions setup, traction, transmision etc.
Motor Tred took both of them, the Challenger and the Charger for a ride.
The results are below. Let’s check them out!

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