Weird American driver causes trouble in Thailand!

Furious 7 is 6 days old today, but seems like the movie’s message hes resulted to crazy driving styles.
This is not Tokyo Drift, this is Pattaya Drift. Named like that after this 29 year old american women, reportedly engaged in a 30 minute car chase which finally finished with police opening fire in order to stop her. The number of vehicles damaged stands at 13, and the number of injured stands at two motorcyclists forced off their bikes. All this after she reportedly fled the scene of an earlier accident.

The Phuketwan report included a quote identified as from a Thai police officer:
“It was a crazy bit of driving. The American woman struck a motorcycle going the wrong side down the road then kept going. She turned a corner and kept hitting other vehicles, 13 at last count.”

While details of the reports are conflicting, there is allegedly video of the woman’s white Toyota Innova drifting through a section of Thai streets, slamming everywithing in front, or around the car.
Let’s check out the video!