By Phillip Oliveira

What’s faster than a Viper ACR? A Corvette ZR1 apparently!

At this lapping event, the Corvette spent the first six minutes of the video breathing down this poor Viper driver’s neck. The Viper pressed on driving harder and harder attempting to get a put distance between him and the Corvette but to no avail. Finally, the pressure became too much and the Viper ended up flying off the track, showering the Corvette behind him with debris. Neither car appears to be damaged nor are any drivers injured, though this Viper driver’s ego may need some mending. If you want to get right to the action, skip to 6m30s. Being a dry day at Harris Hill Raceway in Central Texas, the Vipers excursion actually lit the grass on fire and the fire department had to be called in. Not your average track day!