This is Russia’s way to clean carrier decks!

Deffinitely Russia is the Best DIY Country! We can’t never get rid of Russia’s weird way of solving problems. So, here we go with the next Mother Russia’s invention!

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a huge problem on aircraft carriers. A metallic button from a shirt or a single nut could destroy a million dollar engine and endanger the lives of an aircrew. So, russians took an old MiG-15’s jet engine, slapping on a planar diffuser, and strapping it to a tractor. The engine shown in the pictures appears to be a Klimov VK-1, which is actually a knockoff of the Rolls Royce Nene engine. Nene is wellknown for being largely used on aircrafts, both in Britain and North America. But Nene in Russia was license built by Pratt & Whitney and labeled the J42. Copies of this engine are still flying in private warbirds and even in a small handful of air forces that still fly the MiG-15.
So, let’s check out the picturs if you haven’t already done yet!

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