Roush Performance is one of the most known tuning campanies that cares a lot about Mustang’s performance…not?

Beside its beauty, this Roush Mustang GT produces about 750 rear wheel horse power on the dyno, which is a lot considering that Dodge and SRT did their move with the new Hellcat family. They are both supercharged, but the difference between is that the Challenger SRT Hellcat produces 707HP (or about 695) stock. So, you have to move your a$$ Dodge!
So according to a YouTube comment, these are a few of this Mustang’s specs:
“Stock engine and our phase 1 Supercharger kit hardware plus the following upgrades: 75mm supercharger pulley, upgraded fuel injectors, revised version of our 2011-2014 fuel pump booster kit, and minor calibration enhancements. Testing was done using 93 octane, stock manifolds, and stock catalytic converters. As you can see, with some small modification to our PHASE 1 hardware, our 2.3L supercharger kit is MORE THAN capable of making in excess of 800 horsepower at the crank.

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