According to the YouTube description this is what happened:

“As I was shifting into 4th at the drag strip my engine started hitting the rev limiter and wouldn’t let me get it into 4th. As you can see the RPM’s were pegged at 7,000+ plus and wouldn’t stop so I took the keys out of the ignition as I didn’t want to blow my motor. Not knowing exactly why this happened I thought I would try it again, but to no avail it shot straight back to 7,000 rpm. I was met by the track manager who told me I needed to clear it off the track. So, after I pushed my car back a 1/4 mile by myself to our crew spot I tried to diagnose the problem. After discovering that my throttle body was stuck in the full open position I dug a little further. It turns out that my Gas Pedal was stuck on my carpet to the floor. So all that was needed was a notch cut out of my carpet. If I can give anyone advice ALWAYS make sure to get your recalls fixed by taking it in for service… This video features my 2004 Mustang Cobra.”
Furthermore check out the video down below: