A robot has killed a worker for death at a Volkswagen Plant in Baunatal, Germany.

The victim was a 22-year old technician installing a stationary robot, which is programmed to complete a series of tasks in the assembly process by grabbing parts and manipulating them. That factory is used to assemble car components for other plants.
The robot grabbed and crushed the technician against a metal plate. Even the rush to the hospital didn’t change anything. He died just a few moments later. Volkswagen spokesman Heiko Hillwig suggests that human error was to blame rather than a ‘rogue’ robot as said on an Associated Press report. There’s a safety distance between workers and robots in general but the in that case the 22-year old was working on the robot inside the cage when the accident happened.
Currently, there isn’t a lot of information available on the details of the case, but it is being investigated by German authorities.

Only the video below you can see a Volkswagen Plant from inside.