Rolls Royce produces the best aircraft engines in the world there is no doubt about that,but with the Airbus 380 they have done something different,something remarkable that increases the passengers belief in airplanes.

To produce an Airbus 380 engine costs $15 million,just for one engine.But money isn’t important when you have hundreds of lives relying on the aircraft,and that’s why Rolls Royce is willing to lose money and gain peoples trust,rather than lose lives.

What’s funny and not funny at the same time is the fuel consumption.When this baby is at full speed,it sucks 1 liter of gasoline every second.What you are about to see in the video is a simple demonstration of what Rolls Royce is ready to do,just to make sure that no life is lost because of Aircraft engines failure.The engineers are going to destroy one engine,to make sure that it doesn’t happen to the ones that are going to be mounted to the planes.So what Rolls Royce is doing here,its kind of isolating the engine,so when a problem occurs(like the one you are going to see in the video),it wont leave the engine to cause more problems.So the A380 engines do not only offer more speed,but they offer more safety as they are looked with more detail.

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