There are plenty of times when car robberies don’t go as planned, and a lot of other ones when they tragically go so as planned!

But let’s focus on those cases when these bastards have to deal with their luck and the owners of the car or bike they are trying to rob.
It is so usual that most of videos of car robberies are filmed in Brazil, a country with a lot of problems with that king of crime.
So the video below is filmed in Brazil too. A man, parked his car, opened the window and while he was minding his own business, a motorcycle shows up on his side mirror and suddenly someone puts up the gun and tries to take the man out of his car. The seat belt seems to be the hero of the story. As he tell the criminals that he’s going out, he is just removing the belt, he puts up his gun aaaand…you’re about to see one of the most bada$$ and funniest robbery in history!