By Phillip Oliveira

There are a few build that I didn’t think would happen in a million years.

The C63/W201 Frankenstein build is one of them. This is another:
The Lexus LFA is a $375,000 automotive marvel. With a 4.8L v10 pushing 552bhp, carbon-fiber and aluminum construction, an attention to detail that rivals Ferrari and an exhaust note to make grown men cry, it’s the real deal. The question is then, what on earth led Japanese drifter Yoichi Imamura to swap a Toyota Nascar V8 into one and build a badass drift-car out of this rare and exotic beast.
The story I’ve been told goes as such: this particular LFA suffered enormous damage during a flood. This left the interior and most importantly the engine destroyed. Fixing the original v10 would have been an expensive and difficult option and considering that the interior of the car was pretty well gutted, he came up with a far more interesting solution. In came the Toyota v8; a smart option considering it makes 700hp and is arguably more durable than the original 4.8l screamer. The rest of the car was then modified for drifting. The interior is now pure racecar with deep racing seats, an electronic dash, sequential gearbox and a classic JDM quick release steering wheel. Massive fender flares cover wide sticky rubber and this expensive exotic now has one goal in life; lots and lots of tire smoke.
I’m very, very happy that this exists.