By Phillip Oliveira

Canada: the land of niceness, polar bears, snow shoveling, bitterly cold winters and R34 GT-Rs.

You see, our American friends to the south have to wait 25 years before being able to import Japanese vehicles from Japan, which means that they just began importing the R32 Skyline last year. In Canada we’re slightly luckier, as we’re able to import Japanese vehicles after just 15 years. That means that while our American friends got the R32 last year, we got infamous R34 GT-R.
So what does one do with an R34 GT-R in Canada? Drive it so hard that you blow up the motor, obviously. That’s exactly what our friend Jamie did. While the motor was being rebuilt, he felt that the only reasonable thing to do was to build it to 700whp. 700whp, sent to all four wheels; there’s a very good reason why Jamie replaced the stock speedo with one that goes up to 320kph; this thing is a monster.
While most of the North American hype surrounding the Nissan Skyline stems from the Fast and the Furious, you can’t argue that the GT-R is a killer machine. Looks to break necks, serious tune-ability and a sophisticated AWD system mean that the R34 is a very serious machine.