It appears that Aston Martin, the company that’s been responsible for some of the most outrageous V12 powered monsters on the planet, now has plans to build a fully electric car.

According to Automotive News, they’re now working on a fully electric Aston Martin Rapide, though before you pump for fist in the air in outrage, consider this. According to Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, “We’re talking about an electric Aston Martin with between 800 and 1,000 horsepower—imagine having all that torque on demand.”

I for one certainly wouldn’t mind 1000ft-lbs of torque at zero rpm. Aston also made it clear that they believe the entire industry will one day make a complete shift towards electric vehicles. Aston has no plans to become a major player in the electric market, vowing to stay away from anything that could be considered “vanilla in the middle.” Rather, they plan to make their electric Rapide a hyper-exclusive rocket ship.

On an unrelated note, Volkswagen announced yesterday that the next VW Phaeton would only be built with an all-electric drivetrain, and they estimate it’ll provide an estimated range of 155-186 miles per charge. This should come as no surprise considering the dieselgate scandal, as VW now has virtually no choice other than to become the greenest car maker on the planet in an attempt to win back the public’s trust.

Viva La Revolution..?