If you think you’ve seen it all, check this video out.

First, I should mention that the cameraman in question isn’t particularly talented as you’ll find him frequently filming grass, but he does manage to capture most of this incident that you really do have to see to believe.
The video starts off with a women aimlessly driving around in the middle of a busy intersection in a Ford Fusion. Nobody seems to be able to get her attention and soon the police are called to intervene. She then proceeds to drive into a police car twice, circle around, and drive straight into a ditch which mercifully ends the ordeal.
Apparently, when she was later asked her name, she responded with “Faith, hope, and love,” and when she was finally pulled out of the car, she began singing “Jesus loves the little children of the world”. The photographer yelling “shoot her!” along with the rest of this awful video, serves as a reminder of how bad humanity can be.