1000 hp corvette z06 ? Yes! You read it right. The C7 Corvette is an utter monster, never mind the fire-breathing 650hp Corvette Z06.

Naturally however, OEM horsepower is never enough. If you happen to be the lucky owner of a Corvette Z06 and are crazy enough to imagine it needs more power, American tuner Weapon X Motorsports has the answer for you, a 1000 hp Corvette z06!

After a complete and utter overhaul, this new car now makes 884rwhp, or around 1077hp the crank. No word on torque, but I imagine it’s enough to alter the earth’s rotation. Listing every bolt on this car that was modified would take ages, so here are the major details.

In order to deal with 1000hp launches, Weapon X started job on this 1000 hp Corvette z06 by completely overhauling the transmission, and pulled the original LT4 engine. In went new sleeves resulting in a 4.125-inch bore, custom Sixeco pistons, Nitrous Express direct-port injection, a ported throttle body, American-Racing 2-inch headers, 3-inch exhaust, a massive cold-air intake, and much, much more. No performance package would be complete without exterior tweaks, and Weapon X has you covered.

Custom blue paint and a wide body kit, carbon fiber splitter, spoiler and rocker blades on this 1000 hp corvette z06 monster  ensure that you’ll get noticed. The whole package is completed with a set of beautiful PUR wheels. No word on rubber, but I’m willing to bet it’s sticky and wide.

1000hp Corvette Z06 (2)

1000hp Corvette Z06 (3)

1000hp Corvette Z06 (4)

1000hp Corvette Z06 (5)

1000hp Corvette Z06 (6)

1000hp Corvette Z06 (7)