There may be no comparison more appropriate, than that between the McLaren P1 vs F1. Its staggering how two cars, can be so very similar, while being shockingly different.

They’re both high-strung no-compromise, extremely fast driver’s cars. Both have a power to weight ratio that’ll make your head spin, and both were built by the same company with the same goal; annihilating lap times.

That’s where the similarities end, because the philosophies that guided the production of these two cars are completely different. Mclaren P1 vs F1 difference is an engineering marvel, and can seemingly do everything without sacrificing anything. It’s easy to drive, produces a turbo-charged 903hp without any of the associated turbo lag, and despite all that power being sent to the rear-wheels, it’s useable and extremely agile. However, once your day at the track has come to an end, it can cruise around silently in a fully electric mode.

Mclaren P1 vs F1 Battle continues: If the McLaren P1 an Apple iWatch, the F1 is a beautifully crafted, hand-built Rolex. Both are useable and fascinating in their own way, but the F1 is wonderfully analogue. Unlike the turbo-charged and electric P1, the F1 features a 6.1l V-12 complete with individual throttle bodies, dual-overhead cams and four-valves per cylinder which come together to produce 618hp. Unlike the P1, throttle response is instant and the wave of naturally-aspirated torque is completely lag-free. The F1 features a heavy, mechanical steering rack and while the P1 can be driven by your grandmother in automatic mode, the F1 requires one to be extremely proficient with three pedals. For more watch on the video below: Mclaren P1 vs F1