Want a 2015 Mustang drag car, but haven’t got the time or expertise to build it yourself? Ford Performance has the answer for you! Similar to the 2014 ‘Cobra Jet’, this new 2015 Mustang Cobra Jet has one purpose in life; eight second quarter miles.

The car was released at SEMA, and it one of the few SEMA cars you can actually buy. Although, those eight-seconds of exhilaration won’t come cheap; with only 50 being built, each car is priced at $99,990.

The car has been built to meet NHRA Stock and Super Stock competitions, and everything you’d expect from a dedicated drag car. The daunting parachute hangs off the back, and a roll-cage, FIA-approved Corbeau seats, five point harnesses, drag-spec brakes, and most importantly, a big ol’ whipple supercharger sitting atop the Mustang’s factory 5.0 L V8. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to shift it yourself – 2015 Mustang Cobra Jet only comes with a race-prepped automatic transmission. Bummer.