This is arguably one of the most interesting drag races ever.

Why would you ask? Well, these hot hatches have a lot in common, so much in fact that the only difference between them, is their origin. They both have four cylinders, they’re both AWD, although the Golf R makes only 292 horsepower, while the Focus RS makes 350 horses, the Golf R tops out at 155 MPH while the Focus RS tops at 165 MPH. The Golf R weighs 170 pounds less, than the Focus RS, and 0-60 in the Golf R happen in 5.2 seconds, while in the Focus RS 0-60 happens in a blistering 4.6 seconds. All in all, the stats are almost there, but looks like the Focus RS has a slighter difference with the Golf R. Watch the video, and give us your opinion on which would you choose between these beautiful hot hatches.