Red Bull has made their name plastering their logo all over all sorts of crazy machines – Formula One cars, V8 Supercars, Drift cars, dirt bikes, stunt planes and now, an armored party machine.

This is one creation however that I never thought would happen. This tank like structure started off in life as a Land Rover Defender 130, though it’s been thoroughly overhauled to survive off-roading duties, and bomb strikes judging by the stealth-fighter appearance. It’s been dubbed the “armored moon vehicle” and was built in Australia. It was designed to look like a F-117 stealth fighter.

What would you do with such a contraption? Literally anything. Partying within an active battlefield? Chilling with your friends during a riot? Go off-roading while everyone who isn’t driving does shots of Red Bull and Yeager in the back? Red Bull hasn’t distributed the details surrounding this Party Machine, but we know one thing for sure – we want one.