Back in 2013 at the Dubai Motor Show the Devel Sixteen was presented as the first 5000 hp production car that would top a speed of 348 mph and 0-60 at only 1.8 seconds. All of that and the same price of a Bugatti Veyron is what made people sceptic. Well, until now.
Steve Morris itself gives us an idea of what the Devel Sixteen engine is capable of.

The V16, one piece, quad-turbo engine, is designed and build at Steve Morris Engines specifically for the Devel Sixteen. The engine has made 3000 horsepower on pump gas and an impressive 4515 hp on race fuel, but on real world, this specs will hardly get the chance to show their real power.
As we are waiting to get more real world proof of the performance and reliability of this engine, what are your thoughts about the Devel Sixteen? Do you think it will stand for everything it has promised?