From the legendary BMW M division, we bring you amazing footage on board of an BMW M4 GTS, with the most technically detailed commentary ever made.

The new GTS, which is already sold out; is a road-legal yet extremely capable trackday car, with 3 way adjustable coilovers, a half rollcage, and 62 kg of weight loss; it is ready for anything you throw at it, and at the hands of a skilled wielder it can tackle the Green Hell in under seven and a half minutes.

The driver in question is an chassis engineer at M division, and also a veteran racer, with credentials such as those, it’s no surprise the commentary is rich and interesting for those that favor the technical aspect of driving.

The Nürburgring is a daunting place, even for a highly skilled driver; even so, man and machine unite to trace one excellent lap around the Green Hell.

Watch below and be ready to take in every detail in this marvelous glimpse at the level of quality both of driving and engineering.

BMW M4 GTS Video