The Jannarelly Design 1 is one super high tech trip down memory lane.

This stylish roadster is the Sixties-inspired mid engine estranged half brother of the Lykan Hypersport. Created by Anthony Jannarelly, this convertible not only delivers astonishing looks, but also promises equally amazing performance, courtesy of a DOHC V6 yet to be revealed.
It is rumored that the engine might be a Nissan VQ35 3.5 liter unit, outputting around 300 horsepower; curb weight is reported to be around the 1000 kilogram mark or approximately 2200 lbs.

Without a doubt the visual appeal of this car is turning heads all around, from the vintage British car lovers, to the Italian styling enthusiasts.
Only time will tell the Jannarelly Design 1’s actual performance and legacy, but for now, feast your eyes upon this glorious automotive celebration of beauty.
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Jannarelly design 1
jannarelly design 1 bck
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