How do torque converters work? The answer is right here.

Most of the time we ask this question on the internet, we do so honestly, and yet we’re faced with a flood of cynical answers and jargon filled walls of text.
Keyboard comedians will say it’s just oil sloshing around and wasting engine power, others will get into such detail, that the concept is never explained.
So, how do torque converters work?
Well, in essence, a torque converter is a fluid pump encased in a rotating shell; the engine side has blades and pumps fluid into the transmission side, which also has a rotor with blades that spins due to the fluid being pumped.

We could go on and on, or we could show you, thanks to this vintage army training film. With concise and clear explanations, it’s easy to understand a torque converter.
So watch the video below and be sure to leave a comment.