A Viper swapped S2000 is just as amazing as it sounds.

While the F20C and F22C engines that come in the stock Honda S200 are fine pieces of engineering, some people feel they have a lack of grunt, and that a stronger mid-range and low end are needed.

The typical route to fixing this is a V8 swap, generally some variant of the GM LS engine, as it is commonplace, cost effective, and powerful.

And yet, there are some who are not satisfied with a mere eight cylinder engine, such is the case for the owner and builder of this S2000.

The 8.3 liter Viper V10 engine seems like an odd choice at first, but considering the high displacement, tuning potential, and overall “coolness factor”, it starts to look like a very appealing option.

Surprisingly, the Viper V10 fits quite snugly in the Honda’s engine bay, making for a powerful combination.

You should check out the build thread HERE.

And you can listen to this Viper swapped S2000 below.