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This HKS supercharged Honda S2000 might be the coolest example ever!

One of the best looking Honda S2000 we have ever seen, not only that, this baby has a secret under the hood.

The S2000’s are a Petrolhead’s dream in the stock condition, and don’t even get me started on the mods the Honda can take, and what a Honda lunatic could do to this car. In other words, Honda’s are pretty reliable, and that’s one of the main reason’s why the owner chose it. In comparison with other S2000’s this one is supercharged not turbocharged, so turbo spool doesn’t exist in this baby, you just press the gas pedal and disappear in a second. From stock now the engine produces 363 hp thanks to the supercharger. The owner of the car says he has installed everything himself on the car, from the wide body to the engine parts. Pretty neat project if you may call it a project.

supercharged Honda S2000

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