The 1948 TASCO Prototype: the epitome of chasing conceptual purity.

Let’s hop into the time travel machine that is the internet-sphere and journey back to an era riddled with innovation and resilient optimism.
The post-WWII era of the late 40’s saw many changes in the automotive industry, with aviation being the pinnacle of human technological developments, manufacturers predictably started incorporating inspiration from airplanes and aircraft into automotive design.

One of the best examples of this era is the 1948 TASCO Prototype, a product from the mind of Gordon Buehrig, this wingless 3500 lbs concept car was powered by an inline eight cylinder engine displacing 289 cubic inches, which outputted 115 horsepower,
This prototype featured the first T top in automotive history, and Gordon Buehrig later sued General Motors for not crediting him with its invention.
A truly fascinating piece of design, it goes to show what one man’s dedication can impact the course of history.
Watch below a walk-around of this design oddity.