Bargain of the century: 1971 Corvette LS-6

Classic car restoration and ownership is a pillar of American car culture, being the trade and passion of many.

There are a lot of different classics people regard as essential to a collector, but no other car is as characteristic of America as the Chevrolet Corvette.

The 1971 Corvette LS-6 belongs to the C3 generation, being one of the best looking vintage American cars to ever sell in the showroom, and while the regular C3 Corvette is not the fastest of the lot, the LS-6 limited edition has the performance to match its stunning looks.

With only a handful of these LS-6 Corvette ever to be produced, it’s a rare gem that has surprisingly not skyrocketed in value. Fewer than 200 of these exist today, most of them with a manual transmission.

Check out the video below, detailing the history of this car.