There has been an unofficial update on Michael Schumacher’s condition.

A couple months ago Michael Schumacher was reported to be getting slightly better and making progress, but his former boss at Ferrari has given an unofficial update on his condition.

Luca Di Montezemolo said:

“I have news and unfortunately it is not good. Life is strange. He was a fantastic driver and only had one accident with Ferrari in 1999.”

Describing his condition as “not good” leaves room for speculation, still Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm has refused to comment on the aforementioned quote

Kehm said last year he was “making progress” and that we “must always keep the seriousness of his injuries in mind”.

Schumacher’s skiing accident from 2013 was tragic, and it saddens us that Michael’s condition hasn’t improved.

Below we see coverage of his accident back in 2013.

We hope he gets better, and we are still waiting for an official comment on his health status.