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Matt LeBlanc will host the New Top Gear alongside Chris Evans.

´The actor Matt LeBlanc will be hosting the newest iteration of the BBC automotive TV show. Widely known for his role as Joey Tribbiani in the show FRIENDS, he will now be hosting Top Gear.

This news has swept the motoring world, but few have stopped to consider the implications of the BBC’s choice of host for the new, show, which premieres in May 2016

But we ask ourselves. What does this mean for the show?

The new Top Gear will take a wholly different approach, the Clarksonesque antics will be gone, and we suspect it will become a much more serious and factual endeavor.

It’s still unclear if certain bits like the “Star in a reasonably priced car” will remain part of the format, of if the whole structure will be redone and a new format will be created.

We theorize the new iteration of Top Gear is going to feature more down to earth cars, useful reviews, and more motorsport coverage. The new format could vary significantly from the older version, and a shift in focus and style is sure to be expected.

The inclusion of Matt LeBlanc can only mean one thing, someone’s been Bamboozled, and if Matt’s `performance as a Top Gear host is half as good as that episode we just referenced, we think the crowd will be pleased with this much needed refreshing of the Top Gear formula.

As the original trio is getting accustomed with Amazon’s way of doing things, the BBC is already filming what will be released a s Top Gear in May of this year.

For fans of FRIENDS and Top Gear alike, this a time to celebrate, as Matt LeBlanc is both a talented actor, and a proper petrolhead.

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