Is it really possible to have a reliable 1000 horsepower car?

Reliable and 1000 horsepower are considered a borderline oxymoron, and are rarely used in the same sentence, so, is it even possible to have your automotive cake and eat it too?

It’s certainly expensive, since the engine has to be rebuilt from the ground up, with forged or billet internals, ported heads, sleeved cylinders, and a myriad of other upgrades.

Then the drivetrain; the clutch or torque converter has to be strong enough to take the excessive quantities of torque and the high engine speeds. The rest of the drivetrain has to be beefed up as well.

Chassis reinforcements are in order as well, with increased frame rigidity to withstand the g-forces that come with high speed cornering and hard launches. Suspension, tires, even engine mounts.

In a 1000 horsepower car, every component must be able to cope with the massive stress it gets put through every lap or quarter mile pass.

Watch the video below.