This Renault Espace has an F1 engine stuffed in it.

Making its debut at the 1995 Paris Motor Show, this unholy minivan sported a V10 engine sourced from a Formula 1 car, mated to a six speed semi-auto transmission.

While the Renault Espace body still looks similar to stock, it is in fact a hollow shell, supported by a carbon fiber chassis. This rear wheel drive contraption can go from zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds, and get up to 124 from a standstill in just 6.9 seconds. Thanks to its carbon ceramic brakes, fancy suspension, and lightweight frame, this car is said to handle like a Grand Prix machine.

It would seem only in the 90’s was there a place and want for such unbelievable lunacy, and we are most thankful for it.

Watch the video below.

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