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Ferrari’s new Formula 1 car is here, and it might be a game changer.

“The plans for the new season have been born in a healthy way, and everyone expects a great championship for Ferrari,”

“On the power unit front, I think the technicians have done an excellent job to chase Mercedes, while on the chassis front I hope we have overcome the lack of competitiveness in the past.”

Said Massimo Rivola at the ACI CSAI in Taormina, and this leads us to think there has been a significant power increase for this new Formula One car.



Giorgio Piola’s illustration shows some of the changes that have been made to the power unit and drivetrain of Ferrari’s new Formula 1 car.


  1. For 2016, the intercooler has been enlarged for performance reasons, split into two parts, the larger one sits on top of the fuel tank, while the smaller one is in the left side pod.
  1. The MGU-H will stay in the same place for 2016
  1. The MGU-K was moved to the left side of the V6.
  2. The oil bank will be lower and a tad wider; this will improve the location of the car’s center of mass.
  1. The 2016 engine will have inlet trumpets, unlike last year, when the intercooler sat inside the V.
  1. The clutch was moved to inside the gearbox housing, a coupling shaft linking it to the crankshaft.

With these updated new Formula 1 car, we look forward to seeing Ferrari compete this year.

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