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The new Porsche 911 R is glorious anthem for the manual gearbox.

Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, this new iteration of the 911 promises something few other performance cars are delivering these days, a driver focused experience.

“Once upon a time there was a lightweight sports car that left a weighty impression. This car, namely the 911 R, was built in 1967 for use in motorsport. In a limited-edition run of just 23 units.”

Says Porsche about the heritage that accompanies the R badge.

Based on 911 GT3 running gear, this Porsche has the aerodynamics package removed, and a manual gearbox instead of the double clutch unit.


Before you ready your mortgage fund and make what could be considered the biggest financial screw up of your life, the possibility of even buying one of these 911 R units is near zero.

According to various sources, 918 owners were given the chance of buying a Porsche 911 R, so there little chance there are any remaining 911 R’s up for sale.

Photo source: Porsche

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