M2 M2 M2 i mean what all the fuzz is about. Remember the 1M the small cars with a powerful engine and perfect weight distribution BMW gave us some year ago,well this is the new modern updated version of that amazing car BMW gave us. The new M2 in difference with the all manual 1M comes with an optional dct gearbox and the manual in the M2 comes with a autorevmatch function which can not be deactivated unless you turn the traction control off.

By that BMW is saying to us if u want to drive a true manual you’ll have to die so fewer manual enthusiast will live and they will start to make more automatic boxes (kidding). Anyway forgetting about the days we live the M2 is an amazing car to drive and hoon about with its perfect chassis, very responsive 370 hp straight six turbo engine every car enthusiast will love it. This video shows us the owner of this amazing M2 taking a joyful ride in the mountain passes in Austria.