McLaren P1 LM headed to Nurburgring

In 2013 McLaren P1 hypercar claimed that recorded a time of under 7 minutes,in Nurburgring but unfortunately the video was never shown,and a lot of fans got disappointed.But not all was lost,thanks to a small British motorsport by the name Lanzante.The same Lanzante that fielded the F1 GTR race car,that won in the 1995 24 hours of Le Mans,and recently,its been on the headlines for a street legal version of the P1 GTR track car.If this happens,it will revive the LM badge last used on the legendary F1 LM.Word is,that the P1 LM is going under tests already,and part of the testing will include a visit to the nurburgring,and according to the engineers,the car will attempt a lap under the weather and traffic conditions.Kenny Brack is set to be the designated driver,who is a retired racer,now working as test driver for the McLaren.Dean Lanzante,the boss of Lanzante said:

“We don’t have the finances or the time to do what Porsche did,if it rains,the track isn’t fast enough,so we can’t do a lap time.”
Lazante also said that he is a bit scared of something going wrong,referring to the Koenigsegg One:1,it could potentially hold up delivers.Just 6 P1 LMs will be built in total,including the prototype above.The P1 LM isn’t considered a production car,so the time to beat would be the incredible 6:47,set by the Pagani Zonda R in 2010,and the production car lap time is 6:57,set by Porsche 918 Spyder in 2013,a time that is going to be hard to beat anytime soon.