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Yes you read it right, a LS swapped DeLorean, but first lets explain.

The fans of the DeLorean and of the Back to the Future should be disappointed, not because of the movie but because of the car. We are not saying they should be disappointed because the car can’t do what it does in the movie, but because of what you saw and heard in the movie. You saw the time machine start and move, but all you heard was from a Porsche’s 928’s V8, not from a PRV V6.

So every car sound that you hear in the movie that has to do with the DeLorean is a lie, and to be fair, we don’t know how much trickery was involved when he got the car line-locked into a burnout, before the first test launch with the dog inside. This is the DeLorean we all wanted to see, a LS swapped DeLorean, the LS4 V8 from a GM W-body front-driver, modified to work in the back of the all mighty “Time Machine”, is as good as it can possibly get. Its real, from the Reanult 5 speed manual that is barely surviving under the Chevrolet mill to the headers into glass packs, to the glorious noise of the exhaust system. Lotus suspension, John Z’s own stylistic visions, and a soundtrack that is fitting for the car’s status, shape and exclusivity. Here’s the DeLorean we all dreamed for.

LS swapped DeLorean

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