Take a look at this forgotten collection of rare Corvettes.

I have seen cases of a car being lost for years while it was being delivered to its owner, but I have never seen a whole collection being disappeared for 20 years. This is one of the rarest collection of Corvettes I have ever seen, with over 36 cars waiting to be restored and turned to their former glory. If you haven’t guessed by now, these cars are worth a fortune, with some of them being worth well over $500.000.

If you’re a Corvette fan this video is surely not to be missed. I don’t know why but this video reminds me of pirates. While a treasure chest full of gold berried in a forgotten island might be a fairy tail, this treasure lost in a civilized world sure is real and it was lost for over 20 years, unimaginable. This comes to show that treasures do exist, they don’t come in the form that we imagine, but they do exist.

rare Corvettes