Street racing: 700HP+ Audi S8 VS 600HP+ Nissan GTR Alpha 6+.

Illegal street races are getting popular and more popular by the day. From stock cars, to tuned ones, and to the most extreme one’s that exceed 1500HP. Here we have a strange Audi S8 that is tuned to 700HP+, and an Alpha 6+ tuned Nissan GTR that didn’t do so well in this drag race, and we have the reason why.

We don’t know what has been done to the Audi S8, but the owner of the GTR was kind enough to give us some detail, on the mods he has done to the GTR. He said that the fuel injectors have been changed to support 1000HP, the exhaust also has been through some changes, the car has been under different remaps and the turbos down pipes, and inlet pipes have been changed to titanium. In this race, the GTR was almost tireless which is a big problem, also now that the inlets and the down pipes have been changed, the fuel pump had to be changed too, but the owner said that the new pump is arriving next week ,so the car obviously lost power there too, and if you paid attention you would’ve thought: “What about the air intake?”. This is also one of the reason why the GTR lost this drag race. We think that the turbos didn’t get the necessary air needed, to produce the desired power, and that brings us to this photo sent by the owner of the car. So 1: Because of the tires the car lost power, 2: The fuel pump needed to be changed, because the stock one doesn’t provide the necessary fuel 3: The air intake needed to be changed also. Even though at these high disadvantages, the GTR managed to stay very close to the S8 but don’t worry, the situation is under control, because the new intake is her, and the fuel pump and the tires are coming next week too. Anyway we hope the old intake didn’t do any damage to the turbos, as for the race there shall be a come back, so stay tuned.