Electric van does the 1/4 mile faster than a Ferrari and a GTR?

If you didn’t know by now, Atieva is a little known electric car company, based out of Silicon Valley in California, that is looking to make its way in the EV world.

This little company has created an all electric Mercedes Benz Metris van, that has 900 horsepower. The engineers named the van “Edna”, and it carries a 87- kWh battery. All the power that the van makes, is sent to all the wheels as its an all wheel drive car. Edna could do 0-60 in e mere 3 seconds when it was first introduced, but thanks to some upgrades, it can now do it in 2.76 seconds. In this video electric van Edna is up against a Ferrari 458 Speciale and a Nissan GTR, and it has no problem defeating them in a 1/4 mile drag, and even when it’s up a Tesla model S, Edna is capable of keeping up. Remember that this is just a prototype, the real car take for example a sedan made by Atieva, would be even faster than a Tesla Model S.

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