Some people got hyped when Ford released the new 2017 450 hp Ford Raptor, but we think they are about to get mind blown now that Hennessy, is building a 6×6 Raptor

With over 600 horsepower monster called, “The Hennessy VelociRaptor 6×6” will have an extra driven axle and 150 more horsepower of craziness comparing to the normal 4×4 model.

Hennessy says that the VelocityRaptor will start at $295.000, and the price includes the 2017 Raptor SuperCrew on which it’s based, the 6×6 locking axles, upgraded Fox Racing suspension, new 20-inch wheels and super-wide tires, custom bumpers front and back, a bed-mounted roll bar, and all the LED lighting you could ask for. Clients that want all that power without a 50-percent increase in tire costs, can opt to equip their 2017 Raptors with the Veloci 6×6 Raptor 600 engine upgrade, and skip the 6×6 conversion. The engine kit brings new turbos, a custom exhaust, front-mount air-to-air intercooler and a new ECU tune, bringing power output to “more than 600 hp” at a cost of $22,500. But come on, we all know that making it 6×6 is the most bad ass thing to do, and not only that, the 6×6 Raptor declares direct war to the 6×6 G wagon.