This motorcycle save is the most unreal we have ever seen.

If you’re a motorcycle type of guy and if you have a sport bike yourself, then you will understand that this is truly a miracle. There are a lot of things that can happen when you’re riding a bike. You could be too fast in a turn and your bike might start to slide, or act weird and go out of control just like in the video that you are about to see.

Crashing in a motorcycle is the worse that can happen to somebody, because you have nothing to protect you, you have only your suit, and a lot of motorcycle drivers don’t even wear them that means a motorcycle save is nearly impossible. During the 1985 San Marino Grand Prix, at the Misano World Circuit, this Honda rider known as Randy Mamola, begins to slide while cornering, the situation looked bad but somehow he managed to not crash, and its unbelievable how that is possible because when you see the video in slow motion, you immediately think that he will fall, but he managed to keep himself on the bike, thus dodging a lap to the hospital. This save from Randy Mamola is truly beautiful and he was also known to be a mad man on the bike, but looks like his bike is his guarding angel.

motorcycle save